Governors Drive middle lane too narrow, fix in the works

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – If you are a regular driver of Governors Drive, you’ve probably noticed that something is different. The road was repaved and a mistake was made when the lanes were repainted. The middle turn lane was made a foot and a half more narrow than it was before.

One family who lives on the edge of a blind curve off Governors uses the median to make a left turn into their driveway all the time.  Before the repaving, their biggest concern was getting home safely. Now, that concern is compounded.

Settling into their dream home on Governors Drive has been a bit of a nightmare. Mark Halpin and Brianna Boyer contacted WHNT News 19 in May asking for help because the road was much more dangerous than they thought it would be when they bought their house.

“We’ve already had some close calls,” said Mark Halpin on May 9th.

In May, our camera caught drivers going way over the 45 mph speed limit around the curve at their house. The family was also worried about visibility around the curve and the narrow turn lane.

They contacted their city council member and ALDOT asking for help, even providing suggestions.

“Closer to California, a lane turns out and there’s like those rumble strips. So, you know, if your on that line I suggested they do that here, and the response was, ‘well you know there’s some red tape,'” he said. “Basically the consensus is there’s not much that can be done.”

Since then the family cleared some landscaping to improve visibility and installed a traffic mirror.

“But the last thing I thought they were going to do is make the turning lane narrower,” Halpin stated.

Crews repaved Governors drive earlier this month. The project took a wrong turn when the middle lane was made even tighter than it was before, bringing speeding traffic even closer to their vehicles. Brianna Boyer’s SUV barely fits in the lane.

“This is unacceptable,” she said. “Parking spaces are bigger than that turning lane is.”

Tuesday, our cameras caught people speeding and dipping into the middle lane.

“It takes one time, one careless driver, one text message, or one change of a song, and that’s injuries or worse,” she said.

An ALDOT spokesperson says their subcontractor made an error when they painted the lane and they are working to fix this mistake. They released this statement to WHNT News 19.

The difference is about 1 1/2 feet. They will be removing and replacing Wednesday and Thursday nights, at the expense of the contractor or their subcontractor. Please encourage motorists to drive with caution, observe posted work zone speed limits, and show courtesy to motorists attempting to turn – share the road and yield for vehicles that may be stopping partially in the through lane, just as one would on a four-lane highway without a center turn lane.

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