Government customers continue business with local contractors


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — COVID-19 has certainly changed the way one local government contractor, Yorktown Systems Group, communicates– but not much else.

“It hasn’t hurt our business at all, really,” says Yorktown President and CEO Bryan Dyer. “Right now, 100 percent of our workforce is working remotely out of their house.”

Business is going well because their government customers here in the U.S. are still in need of services.

“We do overseas work, and because of the travel restrictions we haven’t been able to go overseas, but that’s about it,” Dyer said.

Many government contractors in Huntsville work daily with classified information. In order to do that, continued access to Redstone Arsenal is critical. Although 70 percent of Yorktown employees have a secret clearance or higher, the company has been able to put those projects on hold while working from home.

The biggest challenge for them right now is maintaining connections with customers without face-to-face interactions.

“My main message to the workforce is to make sure they’re demonstrating their value and communicating their value with the customers they support,” Dyer said.

The company is working to practice efficient communication, such as using video teleconferencing instead of just phone calls and maintaining company social habits by turning them virtual.

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