Google Fiber hosts “splash bash” sign up event

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Google Fiber is continuing to show their commitment to the city. Following Tuesday’s announcement, the company held a Memorial Day weekend event for the North Huntsville community, where people could also sign up for the service.

As of last week, Google Fiber is officially available to residents of North Huntsville. If you live east of Pulaski Pike or north of 565, you are eligible

To celebrate, Google Fiber held a “splash bash” this weekend where you could cool down, enjoy some food and music, and sign up for fiber all in one spot.

“We’re here at the Showers Center to help residents understand what is super fast internet. What that speedy, speedy service can do for them and how to sign up,” said Caroline de Gantes.

Caroline de Gantes is the Head of Operations for Google Fiber Huntsville. She said you can expect to see them out and about in the community in the coming days and months.

“We’ll continue to have events like this in the hope that every resident who lives in North Huntsville who’s available for Google Fiber service knows about it, and knows how to get online with us,” she explained.

North Huntsville resident Kenya Taylor is among the first to sign up for the service.

“It was something new, it’s something different. I need more speed at the house with three kids in school and everybody on the internet at the same time,” she explained.

You might think that faster internet speed means a higher cost, but Taylor said that’s not the case.

“The price is about the same as you pay for your cable now. And you can get internet and TV with it too,” she said.

Taylor said it’s a painless process, and encourages her North Huntsville neighbors to check it out.

“It was fast and easy, and the people are friendly,” she said.

If you missed the event this weekend you can sign up for Google Fiber by clicking here.

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