HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Gas prices continued their fall over the past week across Huntsville, according to GasBuddy.

Prices averaged $3.56/gallon Monday, down 13 cents over the last week. This is 57.5 cents lower than the same time in July, but 75.6 cents higher than the same time in 2021.

Across the Rocket City, prices varied significantly Sunday; GasBuddy reported the cheapest station as $3.29/gallon, while the most expensive was $3.99/gallon, a difference of 70 cents.

On a state level, Huntsville was in the middle of the pack. Sunday prices across Alabama ranged from $3.11/gallon to 4.39/gallon, a difference of $1.28/gallon.

Across the region, averages continued to fall:

  • Birmingham – $3.54/gallon, down 7.2 cents over the last week
  • Chattanooga – $3.36/gallon, down 10.4 cents over the last week
  • Tennessee – $3.48/gallon, down 10.8 cents over the last week

Nationwide, both gas and diesel fell over the last week. Gas fell 9.9 cents over the last week and now stands at a national average of $3.92/gallon. This is 63.7 cents compared to the same time in July, but 74.8 cents higher than the same time in 2021. Diesel fell 14.8 cents to $5.27/gallon.

While Monday’s decrease marks the ninth consecutive week of falling gas prices, GasBuddy said there are signs that prices may go up again.

“For the ninth week straight, gas prices have continued to fall, but the streak is at great risk of being broken this week with wholesale gasoline prices having bounced back up some 40 cents per gallon as oil prices have rebounded. That means the decline in average prices could wrap up soon, with some price increases possible as early as this week, especially in areas of the Great Lakes. While the West Coast and some areas of the Rockies may see prices continue to drift lower, I do believe the national average could tick higher this week as the better than expected jobs report last week likely means less demand destruction than anticipated.”

Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy Head of Petroleum Analysis