Gas prices rising along with the temperatures; although summer fuel costs predicted to be lower than 2015


Image: Ferre’ Dollar/CNN

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You’ve probably noticed gas prices have been rising the last couple of weeks.

After bottoming out in February, fuel costs in the Tennessee Valley have steadily climbed past the $2 a gallon mark.

“It is that time of year when our gas prices do start to trend upward because the weather’s warmer, our demand is stronger and typically, anytime our demand goes up, our prices go up right along with it,” said Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama.

However, prices are not predicted to reach last year’s heights, when a gallon of regular unleaded topped out at an average of $2.53 in Alabama.

“I think we’ll be noticeably less in 2016 than we were in 2015, at any given point in time,” Ingram said.

Nationally, AAA finds drivers have saved $12 billion in gas so far this year, as compared to this same time last year.

The latest gas price averages and historical data can be found at AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.