Frustrated customers return to Rocket City Truck Repair to collect

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Several people who paid for repairs that were never finished were allowed into Rocket City Truck Repair for the first time after a judge ruled on the matter this week.

Several irritated customers showed up to collect. With deputies parked out front and the lock on the fence open, drivers started rolling into Rocket City Truck Repair on Wednesday morning.

“We’ve got 15 other businesses that are here trying to find their equipment,” Hemstock Tree Care owner Cliff Hemstock said.

Hemstock looked around but quickly found his engine. He dropped off one of his trucks at the now-shuttered garage over a year ago.

“The work we already paid for once, we have to pay for again,” Hemstock said.

He and other customers called as many tow trucks as they could find to help haul out the disassembled rigs as they scoured the yard looking for the missing pieces.

“Tires, axles, brake drums, all kinds of different parts,” Hemstock said.

Former business owner Alan Hays showed up to court on Tuesday and to his former shop on Wednesday to cooperate. He had a warrant, but a Madison County sheriff’s deputy says this wasn’t an arrest on-site situation. Hays still owes tax money to the county and the state.

“It does feel like there’s some conclusion to it. But far from justice,” Hemstock said.

In a little under two hours, most of the trucks that started or could be hitched up were rolled away. And Hemstock got one more piece of good news, his second truck still runs.

“It’s about time. I’ve been worrying about this for months and months and months,” Hemstock said.

The garage now goes back to the property owner and customers like Hemstock have to find a new mechanic. Hays owes around $1,400 in taxes to Madison County. WHNT News 19 called the Alabama Department of Revenue to find out how much Hays owes to the state, a representative says taxpayer info is confidential.

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