Friends start funeral and hospital fund for family of hit-and-run victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Tuesday, Chao Bin Zhang stood by the side of the road where he lost his only son. In disbelief, he recounted the fateful incident to a friend.

Late Sunday night, his wife and three children were walking along Highway 72, east of Memorial Parkway, when a driver veered off the road and hit the children. The driver then left the scene, and was later arrested.

Zhang’s 8-year-old son was pronounced dead at the hospital, his two older daughters were injured. One is now home with the family, the other is still in the hospital.

Connie Ibarra counts the family as friends. When she would go to eat at their restaurant, Meteor Buffet, the Zhangs would often sit down and chat.

“They’ll come talk to you like they’ve known you forever.”

Ibarra and other family friends want the Zhangs to know the community they serve cares enough to help them in a time of such heartache.

They have started a fund to help with hospital and funeral costs. The Redstone Federal Credit Union fund is called Zhang Family Fund. It is the only fund the family will be setting up.

“I have faith and trust in my neighbors in this town,” said Ibarra. “That people will come forward and let this family know they mean something to this town. That they’re not just a business owner, that their child meant something.”

You can locate the nearest Redstone Federal Credit Union branches by following this link.

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