Friends remember Huntsville man hit and killed by car on University Drive

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Friends of Timothy Lee Redmond are mourning. He lost his life early Saturday morning.

Police said Timothy Lee Redmond, who was wearing dark clothing, was attempting to walk across University Drive northbound, traveling from the Marathon gas station to a bus stop between Henderson Road and Boxwood Drive.

Redmond was hit by a car in the middle lane, then hit again as he was laying in the right lane. Redmond was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said two people have been detained and questioned.

Friends of Redmond shared their stories and memories with WHNT News 19. Telling us that he was always smiling and singing.

“He really liked to get people to sing, he liked to sing a lot, make people smile,” said friend Lacei Walker.

Walker and Teresa Schwinn said Redmond said he loved to encourage others to sing.

“He had a lot of friends, everybody loved him, everybody liked him, he made you smile, you couldn’t help but smile when you were around him,” said Walker.

They said you could never miss him, because he had a unique saying that he would say to people.

“Oo-ee, that was oo-ee,” said Schwinn

He always said ‘oo-ee’, to most everyone he met

“He was always asking if you sang and always had that ‘oo-ee’ going on,” said Schwinn.

Until, friends and family heard that Redmond was killed.

“They say only the good die young,  I’m pretty sure he changed a lot of peoples lives,” said Walker.

If Redmond was around to comfort Walker during this time of grief, she thinks he might say something like:

“He’d tell me it ain’t gotta be like that,” said Walker. Then give her a big hug and a smile.

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