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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A founding member of a north Alabama volunteer fire department will be laid to rest Monday afternoon.

Monrovia Volunteer Fire Chief Kris West said Rowe Smith died Friday, August 6, surrounded by his family and members of Monrovia Volunteer Fire.

West said Smith leaves a legacy dating back to a time before Monrovia Volunteer Fire was an official fire department.

“Rowe Smith is not only a founding and life member of Monrovia Volunteer Fire Dept, but also a pillar of the foundation you see today.

Rowe and his wife Joan, along with David Henderson, were instrumental in bringing Emergency Medical Services to the Madison County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments. Rowe held an active EMS license until his passing. Rowe’s tireless commitment and dedication in fire service and the medical field are his lasting legacy. There are countless lives he has helped, saved, touched and the ripple effect has no end.

Over my 17 years with Rowe as a mentor here at Monrovia Fire, I can honestly say that I am a better person for learning under his guidance. Rowe was the perfect example of God’s faithful servant.

From his witty commentary to his legendary radio traffic filled with high pitched squealing and iconic WDRM country music playing in the background, he will surely be missed and I am forever grateful for his leadership and love.”

Monrovia Volunteer Fire Chief Kris West

Funeral services will be held on Monday, August 9 from noon-1:30 p.m. at Spry Funeral Home (2411 Memorial Parkway NW, Huntsville), with a 2 p.m. graveside service at Mt. Zion Baptist Church (228 Mt. Zion Road, Huntsville).