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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Staff at Huntsville Animal Services need your help to save several dogs that have been at the shelter for too long.

Director Karen Sheppard, DVM, said some medium and large-sized dogs have been there for weeks, causing what they call kennel stress.

“They start running to the front of their kennel and barking aggressively as dogs and people walk by. Sometimes they jump up,” she noted. “It means they are stressed, they are anxious, they are frustrated, they are confused.”

Dr. Sheppard said the longer a dog stays at the shelter without being fostered or adopted, the more anxious the dog can become. They want to get these dogs out of the shelter and into the arms of someone who can love them and give them the home they deserve.

“To me, it’s not right. It’s unfair. It’s inhumane. It’s cruel,” she said, noting that the shelter tries to help every way they can. “We have a list and we try to focus on the dogs that are struggling the most. It’s really common after three weeks, they start deteriorating.”

Huntsville Animal Services needs fosters, people to come in and adopt these pets, and also volunteers to help the pets run around, get attention, and get out and about.

“They get the dog out of the kennel and take it on a walk and play with it. We have volunteers who literally come and sit with them,” Dr. Sheppard said. “We try to give them rawhides and treats, but it isn’t home. This is not a normal place and dogs don’t like it.”

Sheppard added that it is nearly impossible for a rescue organization to take a kennel-stressed dog. A foster or adoption is her best hope.

Click here to see a list of adoptable pets, or you can visit Huntsville Animal Services yourself.

“Come and adopt,” Sheppard urged. “Our adoption fees are always so reasonable. Right now we have a $20 special. Usually dogs we are concerned about are free.”

Sheppard said you can also email if you are interested in fostering a pet. More information can be found here at this link.

If you visit Huntsville Animal Services, Dr. Sheppard said staff can help you find the right animal for you.

“Come and find the right match,” she said. “We don’t want you to make your home fit them.”

The Huntsville Animal Services Foundation is also constantly collecting pet supplies. This Amazon wish list can get you started if you want to help there.