Former Lee High teacher pleads Guilty to distributing obscene material to a student


Aundrea Winbush (Photo: Huntsville Police Department)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – According to Madison County court records, former Lee High School teacher Aundrea Winbush has entered a guilty plea to distributing obscene material to a minor student.

Winbush was arrested by Huntsville police in November on charges that she sent a nude photo to a then 16-year-old student in October.

An anonymous tip was given to the administrators of the high school and an investigation was launched.

“We had students that stepped up and did the right thing and contacted adults, we had school administrators that have a good relationship with our school resource officers. Hopefully it prevented anyone else from being a victim of the same thing.” said Lt. Stacy Bates of the Huntsville Police Department.

Lt. Bates said there was no relationship between Winbush and the student.

“He in no way initiated any of this contact-it was all on the teacher and she admitted to that. This was just something a teacher did on her own.” said Bates.

Winbush has been sentenced to one year of jail time, 2 years of probation and has been ordered to pay $500 in fines plus a $25 compensation to the victim.

At this time, Winbush doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

Another concession of Winbush’s plea agreement is to have no further contact with the juvenile victim.