Former Huntsville School Board Member says the job is “all about the kids”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama State Board of Education has confirmed they’ve received communication regarding the Huntsville Board of Education.

But in the meantime of that investigation, the board must continue to conduct school business.

Former School Board Member David Blair knows how it feels to be on a school board, filled with animosity. “When I first came on the school board back in 2000, one of the board members was not particularly happy seeing me on there.”

The relationship between the two was rocky at first, but he says he couldn’t take it personally. “When the end of the day comes, it’s got to be about the kids and providing a future for every one of these kids,” said Blair.

Which is the same advice he says the current Huntsville City School Board should keep in mind. “It can’t be about your feelings or my feelings or anything else. It’s got to be about what’s best for those kids.”

He says he understands that the board president’s move to call for an investigation is to protect the reputation of the school system. “There’s very sensitive information given to each board member, and they’ve got to understand the sanctity of that information.”

But he also understands the two new board members are just that—they’re new. “They were immediately thrust into a superintendent search, they haven’t really had a full set of training. They haven’t had the opportunity to grow into this position,” said Blair.

Given the chance, with a little time, he believes the bridges can be rebuilt. “They’ve got the new superintendent coming in and I think that will help them. He’s talked about retreats. They’ve got to find common ground and until they do so, this is going to continue.”

We reached out to Pam Hill, a second time, for a comment on the matter. She has declined to speak at this time.