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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Madison County jury has found former Huntsville nurse, Marjorie “Nikki” Cappello guilty of intentional murder Thursday afternoon.

Nikki was convicted of killing her husband, James “Jim” Cappello after she gave him insulin shots. Jim’s body was found in their home on September 29, 2018, just two days after he was reported missing by his family.

The grand jury listened to nearly four days of testimony from the state and Nikki’s defense.

A total of 15 witnesses were called to testify, zero of those being from the defense. Those witnesses included Huntsville Police investigators, a medical examiner and friends of the couple.

Thursday morning, Crystal Henderson, a friend of Nikki’s took the stand and said Nikki called her in the days surrounding Jim’s death. She testified Nikki confessed to killing him with insulin and that his body was in the family’s garage, which was where Jim’s body was found.

Several pieces of evidence were shown throughout the trial including the video of Nikki with investigators after police found Jim’s body. A photo of a muddy shovel, muddy women’s shoes and a shallow grave in the backyard were also shown.

Prosecuters also had the investigator walk through images of Jim’s body after it was found decomposing on a tarp in the Cappello’s garage, along with insulin needles and syringes found inside the home.

After closing arguments and a lunch break, the jury was charged and deliberations began. Just over 30 minutes later, the jury delivered a guilty verdict.

Jim Cappello’s father, sister, and other family members sat through the duration of the trial. They said they are pleased with the verdict, but it doesn’t erase the pain.

“Will there ever be complete closure?” said James Cappello, Jim’s father. “I mean one part of it is over. The other, you’ve got to heal from that. He’ll never be forgotten.”

Jamie Weast, Jim’s sister said she was overwhelmed with emotion in the courtroom.

“It was happy tears for sure,” she said. “You know it won’t bring him back but we can start to grieve for sure.”

But for James Cappello, some things still remain unclear.

“We don’t know why, we still don’t know why,” he said. “There are questions you want to get answers and alls we have is ‘she’s guilty, she’s going to jail’ but you know, no why.”