“I’ve seen them grow”: For 26 years, crossing guard greets students on first day of school

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Every morning you will find Anne Frasier standing in the intersection in front of Butler High School, keeping order and safety with a wave of her brightly gloved hand.

Twenty-six years ago, Frasier didn’t expect the job would last.

“I thought it might have been something for three or four years until my kids got going in school, but it just became my job, it became my life,” said Frasier, once the first day back to school was in session and the gloves were removed.

She also didn’t expect the students would become like family.

“I have seen them grow, come back, their babies come back,” said Frasier.  “It’s a wonderful thing.”

By now, Frasier knows many of the students by name, greeting them as they head to their first day of school. Often the students call back, “Good morning, Ms. Anne!”

“If they happen to act up one of my favorite things to say – and hopefully they don`t act up – is `I know your mother! I know your grandmother!So you make sure you walk across the street the way you’re supposed to!'”

A lot has changed over the going-on 26 years she has been a Public Safety Aid for the Huntsville Police Department.

She started her career at Stone Middle School, and has since moved to Butler High School. She says traffic has increased, her uniform has changed, and cell phone distractions have made her job a little more nerve-wracking.

“We have to be on our guard at all times. You can’t get comfortable you have to look both ways and behind you,” Frasier advised.  “You have to second guess that car that’s coming up because you may have a child getting ready to cross the street and even though you’re there and they know to stop, sometimes they don’t and just go on.”

Despite the changes, one thing has always remained the same.

“These babies are my babies, I mean they have been mine from middle school up to high school, and I get children from children,” said Frasier. “They know me and I love it. I love my job and I love being here.”


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