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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Former Huntsville High School and University of Alabama Football player Grant Hill passed away at the age of 26. The University of Alabama confirmed his recent death Tuesday.

Grant Hill was a memorable football player. He was a high school Under Armour All-American and an offensive lineman at the University of Alabama.

Although he was a talented multi-sport athlete, coaches described Hill as a memorable person with a strong work ethic.

Scott Sharp, former Head Football Coach at Huntsville High School and Hill’s offensive line coach, said he was an outstanding student-athlete.

“He was what I considered the exemplary student-athlete, he had it all, and there was no doubt that I thought he would be playing on Sundays,” said Sharp. “Football was important at that time, but more so than football, he was just a great young man and just did what’s best for our team and that stands out a lot to me.”

Now, current Huntsville High football players get to see his accolades every day in the gym.

A plaque with Hill’s jersey from the Under Armour All-American game he played in is hung proudly in the weight room.

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Grant Hill’s High School All-American Jersey hangs in the Huntsville High Football weight room

Current Huntsville High School Football Head Coach Mark Fleetwood said he didn’t get to coach Hill, who graduated in 2013, but knows Hill’s legacy impacts the football program every day.

“The inspiration that he gives to all of these guys, these high school-aged kids all have dreams to go off and be great football players and to make an impact,” said Fleetwood. “To see a guy like this and he’s from your school and you knew him and watched him and then he goes to the University of Alabama and plays there as a freshman is inspiring.”

“The inspiration he gives to so many young people like that is just incredible,” Fleetwood exclaimed.

Sharp described Hill as a quiet leader. He said he often led through his actions and strong work ethic.

“He was a phenomenal young man,” he said. “The work ethic he displayed not only on the football field but he was also a tremendous track athlete and he did a great job in the classroom,” said Sharp. “it was just such a tremendous blessing for me to be a part of that, not only from the football side of things but getting to know him on a personal level.”

There has not been any information released on the cause of Hill’s death.