Football coach asks other educators for help as his daughter battles cancer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – A Huntsville teacher is asking other educators in the community for assistance. In October, the 10 month-old daughter of a Mae Jemison High School football coach was diagnosed with cancer.

Kinsley Green (Family photo)

This is a picture of Kinsley Green after she was diagnosed last October.

Kinsley has Leukemia B-Cell ALL. Her mom, Megan Green has taken leave from work to stay with the baby at a hospital in Birmingham. Over the past several months Kinsley has completed two chemo treatments. She is currently on her third treatment. She will eventually go through five different chemo treatments.

Kinsley’s dad, David Green, is a football coach at Jemison High. He frequently drives from Huntsville to Birmingham to be with his family.

The family has a Gofundme Page. They also have an Amazon Wish-List. But now the family has a very special request and only other educators can help.

Megan posted a request to Facebook Wednesday morning. In it, she describes her daughter as a daddy’s girl. She says her husband is out of sick days and asks if other teachers in the state of Alabama would be willing to donate their sick time to him.

“It’s critical to be able to help them when they need help,” said Keith Ward, Communications Director for Huntsville City Schools.

Ward says there is a sick leave bank just for times like this.

“It allows individuals who are members of the sick leave bank to borrow from that bank should they be in a situation where they’ve used all of their available sick and personal leave time,” he said.

How much sick time does the family need? Kinsley is expected to be treated in the hospital for another 6 months. While they don’t get to see each other every day, they hope to be together as much as possible.