Food court fight shakes up Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A frightening scene played out this week at the Parkway Place Mall after a fight broke out in the food court, sending chairs flying. Cell phone video captured the wild scene Wednesday afternoon.

“I see these men going by swinging punches, and falling to the ground and I got up and when I did, I saw another guy coming in and start throwing punches too and that’s when I was like well that’s two on one,” said Jon Smith, who witnessed the fight.

It’s unclear what sparked the fight. The scuffle ended up on the mall floor with Smith and another onlooker stepping in to try to break the whole thing up.

“I walked over towards them and started screaming hey there’s not going to be no two on one, and when I said that the second man who was throwing punches, looked up and said oh no. He grabbed his buddy and said we gotta go,” said Smith.

Huntsville Police responded within minutes after fielding a call from mall security, but two of the men involved had already left.

“All I know is I’ve got kids too and I heard that little girl screaming daddy and I seen a two on one and I just had to do something, and it wasn’t no place for it anyway,” said Smith.

Police say the incident remains under investigation.

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