Flu activity still high in north Alabama, even though the end of the season is near


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – If you thought flu season was over, think again! The latest influenza surveillance map from the Department of Public Health shows north Alabama has significant influenza activity.

Dr. Scott Harris with the health department says we see the flu all year long, just not in the same numbers compared to flu season.

“Typically, March to April is when we start seeing it drop off, but it really hasn’t dropped off yet,” said Dr. Harris.

The Health Department is seeing consistent, high numbers of flu all across the state. Even though it’s March, usually when flu season starts to wind down, Dr. Harris says it’s not a bad idea to get a flu shot if you haven’t yet.

“Because we have cold weather and people are crowding indoors, and so on, I would not be surprised to see flu transmission for a few more weeks anyway,” said Dr. Harris.

That includes places outside the United States, too. Dr. Harris said when you’re traveling to your tropical summer destination, you can expect there to be flu all year long in some places–and not just an active flu “season.”

“For people that are traveling, for people that are going to be in crowded situations, like even on an airplane, we would encourage them to get whatever available flu vaccine you have, whatever time of year you’re traveling,” said Dr. Harris.


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