Flooded apartments leave residents with a mess

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A  flooding nightmare happening in one of Huntsville’s public housing complexes. A resident says a pipe burst yesterday and water sprayed throughout her building at the Searcy Apartments on Monroe Street.

Imagine having water damage to clothes, electronics, furniture, and family heirlooms and not having any way to salvage those items. That’s the situation some residents at Searcy apartments are left with.

Wednesday morning, residents were still trying to clean up the mess. Maggie Price said she came home the night before to water flowing out through the cracks of her doorway.

“When I opened the door up, water was everywhere. it was shooting up out of the pipes and the floor. There was so much water on the floor that my feet were covered,” said Price.

We’re told at least three units are affected. Residents say maintenance came by and passed out some wet-vacs.

“But there is so much water, even when we get the water out of the middle of the floor there is more water coming in everywhere,” Price explained.

Price says she doesn’t have a dryer in her unit. She hung clothes and belongings out to dry today but rain drenched them again. “A lot of my, sentimental things and antique pictures and what not were water damaged.”

The Housing Authority provided wet-vacs and blowers to assist in the cleanup. The Huntsville Housing Authorities public housing lease states that tenants are responsible for having renters insurance to protect their personal property.

“Well, I don’t have any insurance for one thing. I’m a senior citizen and I’m disabled. I don’t have anyone to help me clean up all this mess,” says Price.

Price says she lives on a fixed income and can’t afford renters insurance, much less replacing all the personal items that are water damaged.

We’ve asked the Huntsville Housing Authority about this issue. They issued a statement saying:

“Huntsville Housing Authority is aware of the situation and is monitoring it closely. We have a contractor working on the problem right now. We will keep the affected tenants informed as new developments come to light.”

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