Flight deal notification service founded in Huntsville takes off around the world

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville International Airport has been known for being an expensive airport. One man set out to prove travelers can get great deals from the Rocket City to All around the world– all he needed was a vision and some impressive software development skills. That vision has now turned into an operation that shares billions of deals to thousands of airports, all through PlaneSurfers.

Zack Scott, the founder of PlaneSurfers, has a degree from UAH in Computer Engineering. He worked as a defense contractor for several years, started a digital forensics company, and then started PlaneSurfers in January 2019.

Initially, PlaneSurfers just found deals out of HSV. Now the company has cataloged more than half a billion prices from every major airport in the country to 6,000 destinations across the world.

We find flight deals on Google flights and other sources and just let people know about them,” Scott said. “It’s that simple.

But PlaneSurfers is different from other travel services like Expedia and Priceline, where the travel is trying to find a flight to fit specific travel plans.

PlaneSurfers gives you the timeline for the best deals.

“Find a flight, then you plan a vacation around it,” Scott explained.

And the deals are posted to social media for free.

The company’s Facebook page engagement is in the top 0.1% of all Facebook pages in the world. And half of those followers are in the Huntsville area (around 4,000). Another impressive factor of PlaneSurfers is that an A.I. software that Scott wrote himself operates 90 percent of the company. Scott has named the software “Coco.” The company’s biggest competitor has 40 employees, which cover less than half of the departure airports I can cover and I post the deals hours and sometimes days sooner.

Coco is the equivalent of 282 average people working 24/7/365.

“She checks over 80,000 prices an hour, 24 hours a day,” Scott said.

Coco is an evolving technology that is always learning how to identify what’s a deal. On domestic and international flights customers can save hundreds of dollars.

Deals are always posted to social media, but members that pay for an email subscription ($29 a year) will get travelers 5x more deals, 12-24 hours sooner from 10 airports of your choice.

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Scott said ultimately, the goal of PlaneSurfers is to help everyone travel cheaper in hopes that they can travel more, and to serve as an example of one of the first companies to automate their entire business (90%) by continually giving back to the people the majority of the company’s profit; always maintaining the free spirit of a surfer.

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