First responders hold plane crash training at Huntsville airport

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We all know practice makes perfect and that can be true for first responders.  A group of them gathered at Huntsville International Airport to practice responding to a plane crash.

In the event of a plane crash, hundreds of lives would be at stake. So making sure first responders are prepared is important.

Jana Kuner is a spokeswoman with  Huntsville International Airport. She says the faster they can get to the victims and to the incident itself, the more lives can be spared.

Though the hope is a tragedy of this magnitude would never take place, local officials want to make sure they are prepared for the worst case scenario.

“Everybody needs to know what their role is in the event of an accident and they want to be prepared,” says Kuner.

Sgt. Tim Whisante with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office says it’s essential his agency is involved in the training as well.

“Our agency will take over scene security, traffic anything that we can assist with the emergency response the sheriffs office is actively involved and we want to participate so we can prepare ourselves in case we do have an accident,” he says.

Several dozen volunteers chipped in to lend a hand, or in Tina Demaioribus’s case, a head. She says it was a learning experience for everyone.

“Learning for myself as well just feeling the confidence and knowing we are going to be taken care of,” she said.

James Clemens High School theater students came out to do makeup and participate.

Because of these efforts, everyone can walk away feeling better prepared if disaster strikes.

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