Firefighters Encourage Creating Fire Evacuation Plans


Firefighters on the scene of a Mobile Fire on Wall Street in Limestone County.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - The State Fire Marshal told WHNT News 19, so far this year, fires have killed 50 people statewide. Investigators increased the number yesterday by three. The number includes two small children who died in an apartment fire in Decatur yesterday.

The fire broke out Thursday morning in the West Ridge apartment complex. Two-year-old Dexter Miland and four-year-old Marlena Miland died in the blaze.
Fire Marshal are continuing their investigation and hope to know the cause of the fire by next week.

Firefighters encourage everyone to have an exit strategy in case your home ever catches fire. The men and women who go into fires for a living say you should create a way out and practice it. Firefighters believe a fire evacuation plan can save lives.

Huntsville Firefighter Frank McKenzie has seen his share of fires.

"I`ve been in the department 19 years,” said McKenzie.

He believes most fires can be prevented.

The Huntsville firefighter swears by having a fire evacuation plan.

“If you don`t have an evacuation plan in place, it takes only one time for something bad to happen to you,” added McKenzie.

The purpose of a plan is simple.

“You want to have two ways out of your home and every room. You want to go over the plan with your family. You want to have a meeting place outside your home,” added McKenzie.

McKenzie recommends everyone, whether they live in a home, apartment or spend a lot of time in an office, to create a plan and practice it. He says doing it over and over will pay off.

“You get to that state where you heart gets to racing, you are confused and you don`t think a lot about what you are doing. If you have that plan, you do it enough, your instincts will kick in,” added McKenzie.

McKenzie is happy to help a family set-up a fire evacuation plan. You can give McKenzie’s office a call at (256) 427-7401 to request help.