Fiancée of man killed in officer-involved shooting speaks out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The fiancée of a man shot and killed by police last month is speaking out after the officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing.

The three Huntsville officers involved went before an Incident Review Board and it was concluded they followed policies and protocols.

Michele Louthan still doesn't understand why her fiancé 49-year-old Jeffery Louis Parker was shot and killed by police. "They really only told me what`s on the 911 tape. He called and gave his name and address. He told them he had a gun and wanted to blow his brains out and the door was open," Louthan explained.

Louthan said she remembers April 3rd like it was yesterday. She remembers him going to the grocery store earlier in the day. "As he turned to walk out the room he said, 'Love you, bye', just like that normal. The only thing odd was that he didn't give me a kiss bye like he always did," Louthan said.

Louthan remembers going back to sleep. She said her medication keeps her asleep for hours. Later that day she heard a big boom. "That jolted me awake and almost all of a sudden I heard a stomp. All these different voices," Louthan said.

It was Huntsville Police Officers and her fiancé Jeff Parker. She proceeded to go downstairs. "I opened it up and there's a police officer standing right there at the end of the steps. By the time I recognize it was an officer, she had her gun drawn on me," Louthan explained.

Officers start frisking her and moving her towards the front door. Louthan thought Jeff was still at the grocery store, but she soon realized he had been shot by police.

"She asked me who he was to me and I told her, 'My fiancé.' We were to be married April 20th. She took a deep breath and said, 'I'm sorry Miss Michele, he`s deceased.' It just didn`t make sense," Louthan recalled.

She said Jeff has had a history with PTSD from when he was involved in a home invasion in the past. For the year she's known him, she's never witnessed an episode, but others have.

"There was a brief exchange of getting him trying to drop his weapon and then an officer, I guess Jeff made some movement and had the weapon, that caused the officer to shoot him in the face with a shotgun," Louthan said.

Louthan thinks officers should be better trained to help folks with mental health issues. She thinks he called the police for help, not thinking he was going to be killed.

Louthan said the gun Parker had was a flare gun that he had painted black. We've filed an open records request with the city attorney's office asking for copies of testimony and the video from the officers involved.

We were denied copies, because of Alabama law.

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