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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s been nearly a year since a deadly wrong-way crash on I-565 in Huntsville claimed the lives of two women and left five other people hurt. To date, no criminal charges have been announced.

The family of one of the victims is continuing to call for justice. They are suing the person they say was the driver at fault.

Hannah Leigh Parton would’ve turned 25 this past Saturday . Her loved ones gathered in Big Spring Park over the weekend to share memories and remember her with a candlelight vigil.

News 19 spoke with Hannah’s stepfather, Brent Smith, Monday evening. Smith says they won’t be silent until justice is served for their daughter.

“This past year since November 27, 2021, has been a nightmare,” said Smith.

The family has filed a lawsuit against who they say is the driver at fault.

“If this happened to your child and nobody was ever arrested and here it is almost a year later, and the person is going about doing their same thing… how would you feel? Huntsville needs to be pissed off about this, they need to be talking to the mayor… going to the chief of police…” said Smith. 

The family’s attorney, Will League, says the defendant named in the lawsuit was arrested just last month for driving under the influence.

“That concerns the family, and it should concern everyone in the community that the defendant driver is still out there making poor choices. It’s putting himself and everyone else in harm’s way and the family (as you can imagine) losing a child…the family is completely upset by the defendant continuing to partake in this type of behavior,” said League.

League says the criminal case will tentatively be presented to a grand jury later this year. He says several charges will be brought forward.

“During this time, the investigators and District Attorney have been collecting evidence…waiting for information to come back from the Department of Forensic Sciences, and then they’re going to present this to a grand jury in order of when this case comes up. Remember: there’s a lot of cases before this and we have limited judicial resources,” replied League. 

It’s something the family is anxiously waiting on because they say all they have are unanswered questions – and they can’t start the healing process until someone is held accountable.

“I mean the guy is coming at you going 100mph head-on…what’re you going to do? You got a split second to react. Hannah was super sweet; People may know her from the Po-Boy Factory – she worked there for a while. I mean she’d be here today if this idiot wasn’t on the road. They didn’t do their job,” exclaimed Smith. 

News 19 reached out to the Madison County District Attorney’s office to get an update on their investigation in this case.

The DA’s office says they’re awaiting a presentation to the grand jury.