HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Family and friends gathered in Big Spring Park in Huntsville Saturday evening to remember Hannah Leigh Parton. The 24-year-old passed away in a fatal car accident nearly a year ago that took the lives of two people and injured five others.

Hannah would have turned 25 on Oct. 1st, and her loved ones decided to share memories and remember her on the day with a candlelight vigil.

“Her laugh, her giggle, and her smile. It’s just one of those that you don’t forget,” said Hannah’s sister, Lyndsey Allen. “That is something I think about constantly.”

Allen said she remembers her sister’s bright, positive personality, and as her big sister, she said she wants to continue to protect Hannah and her memory.

“We are now on the eleventh month, and it just so happens to be her birthday,” Allen said. “We felt we couldn’t wait any longer.”

Hannah was killed in a multi-car crash near Chapman Mountain last November. Her family said she was just five minutes from home when the accident happened.

“While I reflect on the good times, there just weren’t enough of them,” said Hannah’s mother, Sheila Parton. “We deserved more. Hannah deserved more.”

More than 300 days have passed since the accident, and the family said they feel they have waited too long for justice.

“Torture, anger,” Parton said. “After the shock wore off, I think I was in shock for two months, after that wore off and reality set in, you go through different stages of grief and I would say I’m at the angry stage now.”

The driver that struck Hannah’s car last November has not been named publicly.

“I just want the person that caused all of this to be held responsible,” Parton said.

Parton said she is seeking answers in her daughter’s case, but for now, family and friends will remember Hannah and wish her a happy birthday.

No charges or arrests have been made in this case.