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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) — Spring is in bloom, and so are the tulip fields at Hubert Family Farms in New Market. The family-owned and operated farm brought back tulips for a second year.

The farm is run by Seth and Kaylee Hubert. Seth is a fourth-generation farmer on the land.

The farm opened for the season this past weekend. They offer U-Pick flowers, train rides, and endless photo opportunities, seven days a week.

If you are hoping to catch the flowers, you have plenty of time. “This weekend it’ll probably hit peak bloom,” said Kaylee Hubert. “So now is the perfect time.”

Photo Credit: Emily Moessner

In an interview with News 19, the Huberts said they were “blown away” by the turnout last year. “We were super crowded, super busy,” Kaylee said.

This year, they are hoping to build on the success of last year. They’ve expanded several parts of the operation. They’ve added more staff, worked on parking, and added a ticket booth in hopes of easing lines. They also renovated the original farmhouse on the property and turned it into a gift shop.

This coming Saturday, March 26, they are holding a Spring Market. “We’ve got 50 vendors coming,” Kaylee said. “Anything from art, to clothes, to kid stuff, to pottery.” There will also be live music and hot-air balloon rides.

The Huberts are doing everything they can to make the farm an attraction to people in the community. They want to keep the farm operational for as long as possible. “We’re doing everything we can to keep it a farm,” Seth said. “It’s challenging, very challenging,” he said. “And stressful,” Kaylee added. Seth said, “it keeps me up at night.”

The Huberts also mentioned the challenges both of running a farm in Madison County, and with current economic impacts. “Everything has gone up,” Seth said. “The cost of shipping has tripled, fertilizer has tripled, even on the crop side,” he said. “There was a shortage of tulip bulbs,” Kaylee said. “That drove up the cost of the bulbs,” Seth said.

Photo Credit: Emily Moessner

Nevertheless, the Huberts want to offer people a place to enjoy pretty flowers and get a taste of the farm life. “We want everyone to come and have a good time, and enjoy it,” Kaylee said.

Admission is $8 per person, and free for children under two years old. You can pick your own tulips to take home. The price is $2.50 per stem or $25 for 12 tulips.