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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The family of Christina Nance is making a public plea for more information and answers about what happened leading up to her death.

Huntsville Police said after walking around the parking lot of the City’s Public Safety Complex, Nance crawled into an HPD van and was there for several days before her body was found by an officer who was walking to their car.

Huntsville Police Deputy Chief Dewayne McCarver detailed HPD’s findings during a news conference on October 15. He said investigators watched over a week’s worth of surveillance video to find answers. McCarver said the officer noticed she was in the van after seeing shoes on the ground outside the vehicle.

Frank Mathews, a family member of Nance, told News 19 Tuesday that the family is not convinced that Nance is the person shown in the video. He said the video is too pixelated and shot from too far away to determine.

During the October news conference, HPD provided media outlets with about 9 minutes of surveillance video. Mathews said a different version of the video was played for the family and they were not given a copy of it afterward. However, the copy that News 19 obtained is available on the City’s website. Mathews is requesting a copy of the video for the family.

In early October, HPD said it was against department policy for the van to be unlocked. News 19 asked if the policy has been revised since Nance was found in the van. HPD Spokesperson, Sgt. Rosalind White said there was no update to report and that HPD does not discuss personnel matters.

Tyler Berryhill, Madison County Coroner, said the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has not completed the toxicology report. He said he expects the report to be completed in weeks or even months.