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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Three weeks have passed since the death of Dana Fletcher. Madison police officers shot Fletcher during an incident in the Planet Fitness parking lot. Tuesday afternoon, family and community members honored Fletcher at a memorial service titled “Raise the Stakes.” Friends of Fletcher tell WHNT News 19 that he was a musician, and one of his songs is titled “Raise the Stakes.” It’s also a hashtag that’s been used during community protests and on social media since Fletcher’s death as community members demanded that Madison Police release body camera video of the incident. Deborah Fletcher, Dana’s mother says her son kept a smile on her face day after day. “We would sit up sometimes ’til daybreak, just laughing and joking. Those are things I’m going to miss dearly,” said Fletcher. This was the first time Deborah spoke publicly about her son. “Later in life, Dana became more pensive and more reflective. He began to think about life deeper,” said Fletcher. Despite the evidence that police have released, showing a gun in Fletcher’s hand, his family has their doubts. “Dana, if he had a gun in his hand and pointed it at a policeman, the policeman would be dead,” said Fletcher. Roughly 100 people attended the memorial at the Von Braun Center. The memorial also was broadcast online.