Eyewitness reveals pictures of Bridge Street crowd moments before shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Joe Medlen, and his friend were walking around Bridge Street Saturday night. "We just kind of meandered through, and we noticed security guards were moving forward," says Medlen.

They stopped at the fountain around 9:10 p.m. "We stopped because we noticed how large the crowd was. There was anywhere between 200 to 300 kids there. Teenagers mostly. You could see the security guards were chit chatting and having them move this way, and some did, some did not," says Medlen.

Medlen says he brought his concerns to one the security guards.

"You guys need to kind of thin this crowd out some. Because it`s kind of a dangerous place right now," says Medlen.

Noting Bridge Street's curfew, which state no one under the age of 17 can be on the property after 8 p.m. without and adult present. "She told me there was only a few of them and obviously a lot of the crowd. There was no way they could corral that herd."

He says the guard told him "If they want us to secure this more, they need to hire more people."

Medlen says he and his friend felt unsafe. "After a few minutes, I told Betsy, let`s just move away from this," says Medlen.

So they went to the front of the development and ordered a drink. "Were just about to sit down and all of a sudden I hear pow pow pow pow pow. People started bolting everywhere, running and hiding."

Moments of fear, that Medlen says could have been avoided. "If they had enforced the curfew, the shooting never would have happened. All I know is it`s going to take a long time to build back the trust in that area."

We reached out to Bridge Street Town Centre again. A spokesman says it is Bridge Street's policy not to comment on pending investigations.
However, a statement released yesterday said the safety of shoppers and employees at bridge street is of utmost importance.


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