Energy Huntsville talks importance of cyber security and relevance to Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - We're always reminded to update our passwords regularly and be aware of our own cyber security when it comes to our personal phone or computer.

Energy Huntsville held their monthly meeting to talk about just that on a bigger scale. Marshall Space Flight Center and the Redstone Arsenal are all expected to keep their security at a maximum level, especially in the cyber world.

Energy Huntsville is addressing this in case a hacking operation took place.

"Cyber security relative to energy, is a big deal, because right now the whole nation is vulnerable in terms of the grid, in terms of getting attacked," said Jay Newkirk with Energy Huntsville.

During Tuesday's meeting, a cyber security expert took the stage to explain why this is so important.

"The fact that we have to pay real close attention to securing our energy data so that someone from the outside can't hack into our systems and shut critical operations down," said Newkirk.

But why is this relevant to Huntsville and why now?

"NASA operation here in Marshall Space Flight Center has the responsibility to communicate the astronauts and the only way to talk to those guys is through that office out here," said Newkirk. "What you don't want is someone to come in and actually attack the system and shut that down."

It's no secret Huntsville is a hub for technology and with the continued growth, Energy Huntsville says it's imperative to invest in these types of presentations for local businesses and organizations.