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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – It’s National EMA Week and the Madison County Commission recognized some local heroes Wednesday morning for saving one man’s life.

Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call where a 33-year-old man had been electrocuted. When medical professionals arrived the man was in a full cardiac arrest meaning he had no heartbeat and was medically dead – he’s alive today because of emergency responders.

The victim was at a home with his family working on a project in their garage when he was electrocuted. Weston Oliver says Monrovia Volunteer Fire was first on scene and arrived quickly.

“We were on our way to a car wreck and this got dispatched as we were in route so we diverted to this because obviously, this takes precedent,” says Weston Oliver with the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department.

Anna Cunningham has worked as a volunteer firefighter for two years. She says everyone played a role in saving the victim’s life that day but dispatch ordering the family to start CPR immediately played a vital role.

“If you don’t start CPR as soon as possible, the risk of not getting the person back is higher and higher,” says Cunningham.

After the third shock, the man’s pulse and breathing returned.

County Commission Chairman Dale Strong recognized both Monrovia Volunteer Fire and HEMSI, saying CPR and early defibrillation really saves lives.

“These are the things that go on in our community every day and it just happens that this is the one that’s recognized. We want to do a better job of recognizing those volunteers,” says Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

The victim returned home a few days after the accident with no lasting effects.

Strong says this is an opportunity for the community to recognize the work of all first responders but especially volunteers. He says he also wants people to recognize the importance of CPR and pre-hospital care.