HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — As inflation continues to ravage American wallets, some Huntsville renters are finding it difficult to make monthly rent payments. As the peak of the pandemic moves further into the past, fewer resources are available to help out renters.

The city of Huntsville still has rental assistance available, but as much of the money has already been handed out, the city has reprioritized who will receive assistance.

“If you’ve never applied before, never received funding before, and you’re at risk of being evicted or have an eviction notice from you’re landlord, those are the priorities which we’re focusing on at this time,” said Huntsville Manager of Community Development Scott Erwin.

Erwin said the city has assisted more than a thousand residents with rent over the past two years. Huntsville received $6 million in 2021 from the Cares Act, and after those funds were distributed, the city received an additional $4 million from American Rescue Plan funding.

Erwin said the city has distributed most of those funds, but it is in the process of acquiring more.

“There will not be a gap in service,” Erwin said. “We still have some of the one funding, we just nearing the point where we need to request the rest of the funding.”

The Huntsville application for rental assistance is available on the city’s website. Click here to access the application.

“There’s a lot of need out there,” Erwin said. “That’s why we’re prioritizing those with the greatest need. If you don’t have a pending eviction or have received funding before, you may not be eligible. Just because we have the funding, everyone won’t be eligible for this round of funding.”

If you have additional questions about Huntsville rental assistance, you can call the city’s Community Development Office at 256-427-5400.

The state of Alabama is also currently offering rental assistance. The funds are available to those with past-due rent and utility payments and those facing eviction. The money is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Alabama emergency rental assistance is not available to residents of Madison County.