Emergency crews in Huntsville work to remove SUV from empty in-ground pool

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – At about 5:30 on Monday morning, Charles Dozie got a wake-up call he wasn’t quite expecting. “I heard a loud noise and I thought maybe someone was breaking into the house,” said Dozie.

Dozie said he waited quietly to see if he heard footsteps, but there wasn’t another sound until he heard “Somebody please help me,” said Dozie. “I look out the window and I see the car in the pool.”

The SUV was front first into the pool with the driver trapped inside. Dozie had just drained his pool in the weeks prior. “If the water had still been there I think she would have been dead,” said Dozie.

Crashes like this one aren’t foreign to those that live on Blue Spring Road.  Dozie says there have been three other times that drivers have sped and lost control of their cars. “In the past year this is what we always see. They always lose control right here, flying.”

He hopes drivers will slow down, so once he rebuilds; he won’t have to worry about it being demolished again.

According to the Huntsville Police Department, the driver of the car had minor injuries. Investigators aren’t sure yet what caused the driver to lose control of the car.