Emergency and utility crews ready for Hurricane Zeta

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Emergency crews and utility providers in Northern Alabama, are on standby as the remains of Hurricane Zeta make its way across the state.

“What we expect to see here is wind damage, trees into power lines, and things like that,” said Joe Gehrdes of Huntsville Utilities.

Huntsville Utilities, as well as a number of providers, have added additional crew members to their on-call list in lieu of the storm. Forecasters expect the brunt of the bad weather from Zeta to come overnight, making the situation potentially more perilous for crews who are called out to do repairs.

“Especially in a weather situation like this. It’s unsafe as it is, when weather conditions are bad and when it’s dark it’s decidedly more dangerous, but they’ll get out, they’ll do the work in a safe manner. They’ll move as fast as they can,” said Gehrdes.

Utility providers are also asking customers to help them do their work by reporting any outages or downed lines immediately, and by playing it safe.

“If you see downed lines, stay away from them. Call those in to your local utility and wait for them to respond. If the area around the downed line is wet well then that ground can be powered up,” said Gehrdes

FEMA is also reminding those in the storm’s path to take some extra precautions, including making sure your home is stocked with the basics; extra batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, a charged phone, and additional fuel for your generator if you have one.

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