NEW HOPE, Ala (WHNT) — On Thursday, the Elk Lodge announced students at two Madison County elementary schools will get a free trip that is ‘out of this world.’

The Huntsville Elk Lodge made a special trip to New Hope Elementary School Thursday to announce it will be paying for 113 students from New Hope and Owens Cross Roads Elementary along with 8 chaperones to attend space camp for a week next spring.

Lodge President Mike West said the community project is one of the largest the lodge has ever done. He said the program will cost the Huntsville lodge $75,000, and it was only made possible by a trust that was set up by a previous lodge member to help with community projects.

West said he hopes the project one day makes a real difference in space programs.

“This school right here, and these kids deserved an opportunity that they might not otherwise had gotten,” he said during the announcement at New Hope. “I’ve got to believe that out of these hundred and fifteen, hundred and thirteen kids that go to space camp, one or more is going to make a difference in our space programs moving forward.”

The students who participate have to get permission from their parents but otherwise, their trip is completely paid for. The students chosen will be 5th Graders and the 113 participants will be split between students from New Hope Elementary and Owens Cross Roads Elementary