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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.– It’s National Drive Electric week, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the recent oil spill issues and gas shortage conversations, more people might be looking toward electric cars as another viable option. Energy Alabama hosted an event at the Whole Foods Saturday where people could come and test electric cars.

Daniel Tait is the CEO of Energy Alabama. He said driving electric cars versus driving gas is a completely different experience.

“So it’s National Drive Electric week, all across the country there are a lot of communities that are trying to hold pop up events like this for people to come experience what it’s like to drive and ride in an electric vehicles,” he said.

Tait said there are a lot of benefits to electric cars, but most notably the cost effectiveness.

“They have lower total cost of ownership typically, you’re not buying fuel you know you’re just hooking up to your local electric utility,” said Tait.

In order for your normal car to compete with an electric car in fuel efficiency, you would have to buy gas at 75 cents a gallon or lower. That stacks up quickly.

“Most electric vehicles are spending maybe 20 bucks a month in electricity so it really saves a lot of money when it comes to gas,” said Tait.

Amidst pipeline issues and the possible gas shortages, Tait said those who drive electric cars aren’t sweating one bit. He said it won’t affect them at all.

“All these oil shocks in the marketplace that typically happen, you know we end up paying for at the pump, they just bypass that completely,” he said.

Tait said other benefits of electric cars include a smoother performance, and less overall maintenance.