HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Some older people are in shock after getting a letter that their supplemental medical coverage is coming to a halt.

Many seniors have reached out to News 19 saying Huntsville Hospital Health System will no longer accept their provider. 

There’s growing concern over what to do. Elderly viewers tell News 19 that they have used First Community Insurance as a Medicare supplement for over two decades.  

The letter states that First Community has had the pleasure to serve Medicare recipients in the region since 1996 but they regretfully must inform customers that the health plan will be winding down its operations on December 31st, 2022. Jeff Samz the CEO of Huntsville Hospital Health System tells News 19 that First Community’s membership has been dwindling and a carrier change is the financially safe option for the hospital.  

“When we started that company until now, the industry has changed so much. It is not economically viable to run an insurance company when you don’t have enough covered lives for it to make sense. We tried to give everybody lots of notice and then help all our customers to help find another option that suits their needs,” Samz said.  

Six months from now may be enough time to find medical insurance, but for the elderly with existing medical issues and in these challenging times and in the presence of COVID-19, finding a reliable supplemental Medicare insurance carrier may be tough.

“We’ve had some of these customers for a long time and I understand that it’s emotional to change insurance coverage when it’s something that you have been comfortable with for a long time,” Samz said. 

Huntsville Hospital has made known to First Community customers that they will be keeping the carrier open to make sure that any claims the customers have will be serviced.