Easter celebrations still have signs of pandemic a year later


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – 2020 Easter celebrations were put on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic went into full swing. While many couldn’t find toilet paper in the grocery store and the country was going into lockdown the traditional family gatherings and Easter egg hunts were a distant memory.

A year later, things are slowly getting back to normal, but the pandemic is still here.

The traditional Easter egg hunt is a staple of the holiday, kids playfully running around seeing who can find the most eggs but after COVID-19, all that changed.

Last year, many in-person gatherings were canceled, like Burritt on the Mountain’s Easter event, this year it’s back but still marked by how life has changed because of coronavirus.

Courtney Little with the museum says new signs are up all around the grounds as a reminder to those visiting. “We recommend masks anytime you are indoors or if you’re going to be interacting closely with one of our volunteers or staff people. We have plenty of hand sanitizer and washing stations throughout our museum.”

Not only do they serve as reminders, but they’re also instructions for the new way to egg hunt, “They remind us to now keep our distance and make sure we are being careful while we are still in this pandemic.”

But, pandemic safety isn’t the only thing parents should worry about. According to the Huntsville Police Department, “Law enforcement typically doesn’t see any public safety concerns with these kinds of activities, but any time citizens may gather in public spaces they want to remind people of being safety conscience.”

That includes making sure you and your kids understand property boundaries and being vigilant of your children and where they are at all times. While most parents are good about keeping an eye on their little ones. Little says they have extra volunteers not only for safety but to make sure everything stays COVID-19 friendly.

“We have plenty of staff members around as well making sure that there’s lots of hand sanitizer, making sure that everyone has everything they need and that there’s plenty of supplies and eggs to go around so nobody feels that they have to fight for it.”

Little added they opted for the trick or treat style of “Egg hunting” so it could be a safe, fun, and controlled environment.

The museum also opted for “Bunny Cutouts” rather than the traditional Easter Bunny walking around for photo opportunities, to keep in line with coronavirus safety guidelines.

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