Driving You Crazy: Troublesome Turnlane

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A treacherous turn has Madison County residents concerned.

The issue involves the left turn from Ryland Pike, onto Highway 72 east.

Residents say even at quiet times of the day, they’re concerned for their safety. But during rush hour is when the concern really sets in.

We took a drive out to the problem area and was a little concerned about making that left turn ourselves. Between trying to beat out the traffic coming from the east on Hwy 72, to weaving around traffic in the turn left to get onto Ryland Pike, it’s a little intimidating.

However, one viewer says there are a few daredevils, who will try to beat the left turn traffic and get onto Hwy 72 east.

Another problem? There’s a hill right before this troublesome turn: one that blocks cars traveling east from seeing what’s ahead. So when you pair that with a long line of cars waiting to turn left on Ryland Pike, well those cars turning off Ryland Pike can’t be seen and could result in a crash.

We reached out to ALDOT on Monday to see if this left turn from Ryland Pike onto Hwy 72 east could be removed or at least improved for the safety of all drivers. They told us they would look into possible solutions.


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