Drivers take opposite sides on new speed humps in south Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Lily Flagg Road in south Huntsville has been a busy east-west connector for decades.  Just a few weeks ago a big change was made on Lily Flagg. The road got two sets of speed humps. They're intended to slow down drivers.

"They're annoying and they're hard on your car," says Vaughn Yost, who has been using Lily Flagg for some 30 years.  He also says Lily Flagg Road isn't supposed to have the traffic calming devices.

The road is designated as an official "Collector" for neighborhood traffic, and Yost is right that normally these type of roads don't have speed humps.  A neighbor who lives on Lily Flagg says there was a definite speeding problem on the road, and the speed humps were needed.

"I think they're good. You know you've got people cruising through here pretty fast.  It just kind of maintains the speed and you got little kids," says Roland Markwalter.   Markwalter admits it's no fun going over the speed humps, but he also says... there are just two sets of them.

WHNT News 19 took action to find out if the speed humps were effective, or just annoying.  With our radar gun we caught a majority of drivers slowing down to go over the humps, but then quickly accelerating back to 30 miles an hour or faster.  The humps don't appear to be working as intended .

We took action again,  and this time called the city's Traffic Engineering Department to find out the reasoning behind the changes on Lily Flagg.  First of all, a Department spokesman told us that Lily Flagg had a definite speeding problem. Second, the city has installed speed humps on other so-called neighborhood collectors. Finally, the effectiveness of the speed humps will be evaluated, and if necessary, changes will be made.

Vaughn Yost still wants the speed humps removed. "They should not be there," he says.

We asked Roland Markwalter if he would be upset if the speed humps were removed. "You know, I kind of would. I think they're needed," Markwalter said.

Right now, the two sets of speed humps remain in place. We were told it was too early to speculate on what might happen, but this is a situation we plan to re-visit in the coming months.

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