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HUNTSVILLE, AL. – The driver of a Honda CRV sustained injuries after driving into a popular comic book store. Owners of The Deep Comics and Games say the driver experienced a seizure before ramming through the front window and into the store on Friday morning.

The vehicle crashed into the front of the store around 10 a.m. The Deep is located at 2310 Memorial Parkway SW.

“You can see like ‘Oh wow, that car’s not there! Holy crap what’s that?’ You couldn’t see the SUV at first because it was covered in merchandise. So, as it burrowed through and it stopped you realized, Oh that’s a car!” said Keyera Key, who was 15 minutes into his shift at The Deep when the vehicle plowed through the window.

While it’s an unfortunate situation – Key said timing is everything.

“Two of my coworkers were almost over there to deal out some new merchandise. Things just came into place that it didn’t happen and we are all safe,” said Key.

“It was a thing of inches. It was like a couple feet in any direction and he would’ve hit a brick wall or he would have hit a support beam or he would have hit us. So we were very lucky he went right through the store where nobody was.”

Owner Edward Walls says cleaning up will be a process.

“We’ve already called our insurance agents and they’re hopefully going to send somebody down to get the glass up. We’ve got some help from our customers who are our friends. We’re all like a family down here,” said Walls.

Despite the stress of getting things back to normal, Walls is still in high spirits.


“My wife is going to make fun of me because I just bought all those fixtures. So, she was joking with me about spending too much money on fixtures.  And I’m going to go do it again because I need new ones now.”

We’re told a paramedic was inside the store at the time, and helped the driver, who was then taken to Huntsville Hospital for treatment.

No one else was injured.

The Deep’s owners report major damage to store property, though.