Drake State Engineering Technologies Program

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville is an engineering town.
No matter where you look, an engineer could be in sight.  Schools all over the Tennessee Valley are helping to mold some of our nation’s brightest.  Drake State Technical College is one, and it is hoping to enroll more students in its Engineering program.

Division Chairman for Engineering Technologies, Karl Henry, says, “Most pre-engineering programs are only general education. Your math, english, physics, chemistry or that sort of thing.”

Henry says his school is different, “Here, you can get an Associate`s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, which are professional courses, and you can transfer seven hours of engineering courses.”

Henry is talking about a complex issue, but he says it’s simple, “The good part about it is, if you get the Associate`s Degree, you can get a job. Generally, the companies you would work for would pay for you to get the other two years.”

Students pay $139 for a credit hour. It comes down to about $1,200 to $1,300 a semester.  Henry says students end up getting a good education while keeping more of their money.

Henry says Drake’s style may be different, but not its quality, “What we`re going to do is teach you how to be a technician, how to think like an engineer would think and how to work with an engineer.”

For more information on Drake State’s Electrical Engineering Technology program, visit their website: http://www.dstc.cc.al.us/programs/electrical-engineering_technology.aspx

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