People show up to watch fallen officer’s funeral procession


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The weather made no noticeable impact in attendance of bystanders for fallen officer Billy Clardy’s funeral procession Tuesday afternoon.

“The weather is horrible. It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s been sleeting, but it was still an occasion that I felt my granddaughter needed to see,” Anne Sheaves said.

“All the officers in this town need to know we respect them and honor them,” Aaron Lambert said.

“For us to stand out in a little bit of snow and cold is incomparable to what they do on a daily basis,” Heather Williams said.

Community members of all ages came to stand and honor a Huntsville hero.

“It’s important to be here today to pay respects to a man whose whole family has protected us,” Sheaves said.

“We’re proud citizens of Huntsville and we’re proud of our police department and we’re sorry for this family,” Lambert said.

And for some, showing up was part of an important lesson for their children and grandchildren. A lesson in respect and appreciation.

“They know that there’s evil in this world,” Amanda Ramhold said. “They know we have people that stand up for us and protect us. It’s our turn to stand up for them and just tell them that we love them.”

“Hopefully we won’t have so many of these as she grows up, this may be her only chance to see how people, how Americans treat a hero,” Sheaves said of her granddaughter.

“I brought my son because it’s important to bring him out here to show him what they do and the importance of what they do,” Heather Williams said. “That they’re putting their life on the line every single day to protect us.”

Dozens stood along California Street and took advantage of the opportunity to show Officer Clardy’s family and friends that he’ll be missed, and won’t be forgotten.

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