Downtown Rescue Mission hopes giving continues after holidays

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Downtown Rescue Mission expected to serve more than 1000 people Thanksgiving dinner this year and hundreds of volunteers came out to help.

Scott McNeilan is one of the many volunteers and he says serving his neighbors in need makes him happy.

“To see somebody’s day brightened because we’re here to help them out, I mean it’s to serve them and it’s a pleasure.”

But this isn’t the only time of year the Downtown Rescue Mission needs support.

Keith Overholt is the CEO of  Downtown Rescue Mission and he says they need people every day, “We’re open 365 days a year we could use volunteers every day of the year, so don’t just think of us at the holidays,” he says.

Cory Bullard found revival at the Downtown Rescue mission,

“It gave me hope, it gave me a place to be frustrated, a place to be grateful and a place to be joyful.”

After a long and difficult journey battling drug addiction and relapsing several times he eventually found the mission.

“So I came here with my cousin he dropped me off here,” says Bullard.

He has been sober for over a year and is moving toward a better future. He is currently in school at Calhoun studying biblical counseling. He also works security at the mission.

He says he didn’t expect it but because of the mission, his life is changed.

The mission needs volunteers to serve meals every day. They also need help with construction projects, painting, and other community efforts.

But if you don’t have the time, donations are also always helpful. The mission says that by January the shelves begin to clear out.

“So January, February our shelves really get more empty so after the big push for the holidays we can still use the canned goods,” says Overholt,

“Even the monetary donations so we can buy meat and have money for the things that we do here at the mission every day.”

That way the downtown rescue mission can be a place everyone can go all year long.

“It is a home for everybody, downtown rescue mission really is a place where we provide hope for all who come to us, ” says Overholt.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so on their website.

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