Downtown Huntsville Inc. to give away micro-grant contest for Creative Placemaking projects downtown

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Have you ever had an idea to do something cool? Something innovative, but just didn't have the funds to let it play out?

Downtown Huntsville Inc. has the solution. They're teaming up with PNC Bank, to provide 12 micro-grants to people with good ideas that can be implemented downtown.

Have you ever gotten the error code 504 message on your computer? It means the system is working too slow. Downtown Huntsville feels the same way - it wants to speed things up.

"So the $504 grants represent trying to speed up innovation in downtown Huntsville," said Chad Emerson, Downtown Huntsville Inc. CEO.

From art installations, to little libraries, "They're a great example of something interesting. They're little library type things, but our twist is we put them in former newspaper stands by local artists," said Emerson.

You name it, and Downtown Huntsville Inc. is looking for it. So what ideas do you have? Something cool to see? How about a cool promotion or event?

"Just fun activities like that. $504 is not a ton of money, but it's enough to do something really interesting," said Emerson.

And provide yet another reason why we love downtown.

"It's fun to have great beautiful buildings like we have downtown. It's also fun to have these unique little twists that catch your attention," said Emerson. “They're not going to be the reason you come downtown, but when you're there they're going to add to your overall experience."

Downtown Huntsville Inc. will start receiving submissions around the first of June.

For more information on how to participate, visit their Facebook page at:


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