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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Between businesses shutting down entirely and now preparing to open in phases, Downtown Huntsville Inc. didn’t waste time in making sure businesses had the information they needed.

“We try to be a really accurate provider of information,” said Chad Emerson, the CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc.

From the beginning of the pandemic to now, Downtown Huntsville Inc. has posted vitally important information and resources online for the business community. They have also held weekly conference calls to update businesses and answer their questions.

“We actually had a special conference call at 1 p.m. which walked through the updated order with 40 plus establishments,” said Emerson.

Downtown Huntsville Inc. has also done a little advocacy. More specifically they spoke out when Governor Kay Ivey’s past orders lacked clarification.

Over at Furniture Factory Bar & Grill, management couldn’t be happier with the resource Huntsville has to offer the business community.

“I believe that our local city officials have done a very good job posting the information on websites to make it to where we feel educated enough to make the right decisions,” said Justin Crisler, a Promoter at Furniture Factory.

The pandemic has been one giant learning curve, says Crisler. Earlier this week a picture surfaced from Furniture Factory. The image depicts the grill clearly not observing or practicing social distancing with patrons inside the premises.

The grill tells WHNT the front end carry-out workers got overwhelmed by a rush of customers.

“It was quite remarkable to see how many people come in to get to-go orders at one time,” said Crisler.

As restaurants prepare to open on Monday, Furniture Factory believes they can get their employees back to work while keeping customers safe. The establishment plans to use their property size to their advantage.

“We really think a lot of our outside space. We’ve got a big area. We really do,” said Crisler.

Downtown Huntsville Inc. tells WHNT that not all businesses are as eager to open their doors, Monday.