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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Friday was a beautiful day to literally shake off the quarantine blues as Summer Street Jam performers tried to bring a sense of normalcy while also respecting social distancing guidelines.

“This reopening is part of a process. We are in the first step of that process. If we continue to follow the process, ultimately I think we will be where we want to be,” said Chad Emerson, the CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc.

After watching the video above, you can decide for yourself if you feel like people are taking social distancing seriously.

Between 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. families that stopped to listen to various musicians appeared to keep their distance. Some people even wore their masks. Many restaurants and breweries had tables outside and at times it was hard to tell if people were getting too close or if they were just with their immediate family.

“There’s always going to be isolated examples of problems. A table got moved an extra foot this way, or an employee had to pull their mask away to be understood. The reality is, if you see an establishment that is just blatantly not following rules, then that establishment is not one you should patronize,” said Emerson.

A majority of downtown Huntsville bars are trying to accommodate customers but also keep people safe.

“Say there is another spike. It’s not going to affect people who did things correctly,” said Chance Brown, the General Manager of Below The Radar Brewing.

Brown says doing everything right today keeps people out and about and in a job tomorrow. Downtown Huntsville agreed. Saying it will only take one bad apple (or a business that doesn’t care) to ruin it all for the community.