Doors Remain Closed On Madison County Farmer’s Market

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Madison County Farmer`s Market is the oldest market in the state.  But, it has fallen on some financially rough times.  So, its doors will remain closed until June first.

County officials say the farmer’s market lost around $60,000 in 2012. Over the course of the next month, county leaders will be working to figure out how to once again make the market a viable business.

“We’ve got a situation where we think there’s a place for a farmer’s market.  But, we’ve got to have participation.  We’ve got to have buy in,” said Dale Strong, Chairman of the Madison County Commission.

Until then, farmers will have to wait for their crops to come in.

Kenny Brooks, the owner of the  Brooks’ Market next door to the Madison County Farmer’s Market, says the closure won’t really impact local farmers.

“Everything is late. The peaches are late.  The peaches are running 3-4 weeks behind,” said Brooks. “Everything’ s running slow because of the weather we’ve had.”

Rain kept farmers from planting their crops on time. Brooks believes the delayed opening may be a welcome gift for local growers.

“It’s better they wait because if there’s anything local growing that would amount to anything I could see them wanting to come in to sell. But if you talk to farmers here local, they don’t have anything in the ground yet because it’s been so wet,” said Brooks.

Customers hoping for fresh produce will have to wait two to three weeks for peaches, and longer for other crops like tomatoes and cucumbers to come in.

The Madison County Farmer’s Market will reopen June first and will stay open through the end of August.

Brooks’ Market next door will remain open as usual.

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