‘Donut Forget About Us’: Local donut shop asks community to help keep their dream alive

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A local donut and lunch shop is facing the threat of closure, and they're putting their fate in the hands of their faithful customers and the community.

In 1984, The Donut Hole opened to the Huntsville community, and the mastermind behind the operation was affectionately known as "Nana."

"She knew everybody by name, the customers knew her and they loved her," remembered Alimag Green, one of three owners of the Donut Hole. "That's why our logo says "Nana smiles," because she was the foundation, the heart of The Donut Hole."

For over two decades Nana's smiles, baking, and cooking fueled their faithful customer base. Now, two of her grandchildren, along with a close family friend, own The Donut Hole and are trying to keep the dream alive.

The store's location on 4294 University Drive has been open for two years. Recently, business is struggling, they say, due to new a new neighbor, Dairy Queen.

"Their drive through was constantly going, but our parking lot was empty, so that was a lot different," said owner Nicole Boonin.

The owners don't believe customers necessarily like Dairy Queen more, it's just easier to access. The Donut Hole only has four parking spots, and no drive through.

So the dream is a new location downtown, maybe even a food truck, fueled by a community campaign.

"Having our community invest in us and be able to say that you guys helped do this, Huntsville helped keep a local business open and established," said owner Teneshia Laroda.

The campaign, titled "Donut Forget About Us," is asking for $100,000. The owners want this campaign to be fueled by the community, not a corporate investor.

"It makes them part of our fabric," Laroda said. "They already are part of our fabric."

"At the end of the day we want the support from our customers, not only just supporting the campaign, but just them coming in the doors every day will help," Green said.

Keeping Nana's smiles alive in Huntsville could be just one donut away.

For more information about the history of The Donut Hole, their journey, and their dream, please visit their Facebook page.

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