Donations for New Hope Fire Victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Miller family was homeless nearly a year ago, and after seven steady months getting back on their feet, they are homeless again.

Steven Miller said the stove in their New Hope house caught fire overnight Friday.

It spread, and his father’s oxygen tank exploded in the fire which destroyed the home.

They moved in last year after spending three months at the Downtown Rescue Mission.

WHNT News 19 told you about the family’s needs Friday night at 10, and several viewers called to asking how they could help the family recover after the disaster.

“I don’t really normally as a rule watch the news,” Donna Fish said.

“There’s just always so much going on, but I just happened to turn it on.  For whatever reason I don’t know.  I guess the Lord must have led me to this story.”

It took her back to 1987, when she also lost everything in a house fire.

Fish called WHNT News 19 to ask how she could help the Millers.

“I don’t have much monetary to give them, but I could offer what else I had,” she said.

“My husband’s old clothes are size 3X and this just happens to be the size that [Miller’s father] wore.  I kept them in my storage building for 10 years so now they found a home.”

Steven Miller, his wife, his parents, and his 20-month-old twin daughters escaped the house with only the clothes they were wearing at the time, but he says he is surprised and overwhelmed at the amount of people wanting to help clothe them.

“It’s not often that people really want to help other people,” Miller said.

“I feel blessed in the fact that so many people are reaching out.”

Tina Finch is another one of the generous WHNT News 19 viewers.

“I just saw the girls on the TV and I have a little girl of my own and if something like that was to happen to me, I would want somebody to do this for me,” Finch said.

Her daughter, who’s about two years old, got an early lesson in sharing as she gave clothes and toys to Miller’s 20-month-old twins.

“She’s bigger than them and her clothes that don’t fit her actually fit them properly now and I’m happy to pass it on to somebody else that might need it,” Finch said.

Miller said his daughters are helping him stay positive.

“Throughout all this, they seem mostly unaffected,” he said.

“They still play, they still smile, they still laugh and that kind of brightens my day.”

He said the family’s immediate needs are transportation and finding a place to stay.

They have a room at a Huntsville hotel but have to be out Monday, and Miller said he does not want to go back to a homeless shelter.

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